Our Story

Meghan and Elyse here, creators of BE Babies. Welcome! We are so excited to have you visit our shop and check out our handmade goodies to spoil the babies in your lives with!

Elyse and I met a few years ago through our husbands. They had been friends a while, but Elyse and I had never crossed paths. Finally one night we double dated, became fast friends, and the rest is history.

After Elyse had her beautiful baby girl Mackenzie in 2016, we began talking about opening a shop for babies, featuring our own hand made clothes and accessories. The entrepreneurial and creative sprits are strong with both of us. Elyse previously ran her own business, and learned tonnes from her parents who are also business owners. I have always been creative - sewing, quilting, and knitting for all my friends and family. BE Babies was born by combining our passions and creativity and we both love sharing all parts of the business.

Mackenzie has had so much fun testing out the different clothes, accessories, and teethers, and we hope the baby you are gifting these items to enjoys them as much as she does.

Cheers from Meghan and Elyse.